OT as Polyphonic sampler (8 voices) with Nord G2

I managed to make the OT work as a polyphonic sampler (max 8 voices) together with the Nord G2:

OT set up:

  • Every track exactly the same settings and the same sample.
  • Every track reacts on it’s own midi channel (say 1-8)

G2 patch:

  • Set voice mode to poly 8
  • Patch a Status module with ‘voice nr’ out to the ctrl input of a ‘Mux 1-8’ module.
  • The ‘Mux 1-8’ module input is the gate from a Keyboard module
  • The ‘Mux 1-8’ outputs send to a NoteSend for each output
  • Every NoteSend (8 in total) send to a corresponding midi channel in the OT: 1-8)

Here’s an example patch for 4 voices (track 1-4).
The left side is some extra logic to prevend notes send outside the OT’s chromatic mode.
And a switch to choose between Mono mode (Auto Ch 11 plays current track) or Poly mode.


Nord G2 rules, nice work, got to break my engine out for happy happy fun times!

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Thanks. And yeah the G2 is a very nice machine. OT and G2 fits perfectly together.

Yes the 4 ins and outs are perfect! Match made in heaven.
Nice to see a patch screenshot again, I really need to dust mine off, the G2 is easily the best £800 I ever spent!
The randomiser and parenthesis tools have kept me awake well beyond sleepy-time on too many occasions…

I used the Nord as my mastering and fx suite for years, analogue gear sounds great on those inputs.


Indeed the 4 inputs are great :wink: Can’t live without them.
I use the G2 (keys that is) as synth, controller and masteringFX in combo with my OT (which samples and sequence the G2).

I like that you can build almost anything you could want in the editor, add the OT for sampling etc and it’s almost an anti-gas set-up!
Did you manage to get the dsp expansion?
Gold dust, as you probably know.
I went for the engine due to space but those led collars are beautiful classics on the keyboard, really good design, the synth means business for sure!
Happy patch-mangling fella!

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Dude, you guys don’t make me GAS out for this.
These are so hard to find.

@BeardyJack Yes i’ve got the dsp expansion. Must have if you use it as a multitimbral synth (as i do :wink:

And indead Nord G2 + OT is almost GASless. Once in a while i buy something else. After a while i try to recreate it in the Nord and sell it and i’m back left with the Nord. The OT is relatively new to my setup but it will stay because it does all the things the Nord can’t (sampling, looping, easy sequencing). Perfect combo for me and a nice compact setup.

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Hey yeah @Burpy I used to read lots of user manuals to find interesting functions that I would try to model in the G2, even if I couldn’t nail it exactly I would be left with something interesting.
I also had a simple dice rolling ‘game’ where I would drag modules from the menu bar, then when there was about 15-20 I would patch them, rule being they all had to be used! Great fun if I was out of ideas… And forced me to think up ways to use modules that weren’t exactly suited.
The expansion is defo essential if you are building complex patches, just a little rarer than the G2s themselves!
Sounds like you have it all locked down!

I’m going to whip my engine out this week (phrasing!) and knuckle down to some crazy sequencing mayhem!

Sorry! @RoaFL

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So the mux is already written. Rk002 similar script is Polymux. @grit is it related? Mux origins?
I’d like to reproduce it. Maybe I’ll try to understand RK002’s.

Yes the mux is one of the modules of the G2. There are more than 100 modules, no need to write own modules (its not possible for the G2).

Can you program the Rk002?

Yes I could write a script control Octatrack slices with RK002, with @grit’s precious help (from Retrokits).


Good to know!

I’m not aware of this machine - only Nord I ever owned was a nord rack (waaaaay back when it just came out). The polyMUX is a module you can now implement in custom firmware on the RK-002. We also added keybuffer and ARP modules a while back https://www.retrokits.com/rk002-duy/8/

so you can now even stack arpeggiators in the RK002, could turn into fun results but we haven’t gotten time to completely document it other than some code examples on the portal…

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I was curious about MUX meaning, seems to be multiplexer.

Anybody made a script to get the OT working as a polyphonic sampler yet?

With slices it could even be multisample, right? In theory? I tried the slice script but there seems to be a slight delay.

Thanks for the topic !
I believe you could set up the G2 to control the 8 OT tracks parameters with CCs as well couldn’t you ?

You’re welcome :wink:

Yes that’s not that difficult to implement. I have made a patch to control all the tracks volumes for example.