OT - Audio editor questions

  1. Is there a way to convert a trim loop to a slice? Sometimes I find the perfect loop in the trim page and realize I actually want to slice a couple other parts in the sample. So far all I can figure out is just making a new slice and trying to find the loop manually… tedious

  2. Timestretch algorithm - I can’t tell a perceptible difference between beat and normal on the samples I’m using (usually 1-bar loops). What’s the difference?

  3. Setting the sample “Original Tempo” - Is it just an alternative way of setting up the loop/trim length? My usual workflow is just finding a 1 bar loop by setting “Trim Len” or “loop len” to 1 and ignoring the original tempo. Are there any other benefits of setting a loop by tempo?

  4. Is there a way for the timestretch to sound more like slowing the rate knob down instead of stretching it and making it grainy and long? I’ve been able to get around this by just using the rate knob and resampling but it feels like it might be possible…