OT clock is too unstable to use with Bitwig(Edit: OT was not the problem, but turned out to be the solution)

I’m trying to use my OT as a master clock for Bitwig. And though I have set the DAW to be as slow as possible in responding to tempo changes it’s still too unstable causing horrible jitters in synced delays.

My rytm is also synced, and if I bring up the tempo screen. It is constantly fluctuating +/- 0.1 bpm.

Is there anything I can do to fix this?

The setup is: OT -> midi-thru box -> Rytm, Prophet 12, Sub37, focusrite audio interface.

I have tested and the OT seems to be the source of the clock issues…

I guess that it is most likely not the OT clock which is to unstable but the translation of the clock by means of your audio interface or usb midi adaptor.

Search this forum (or google) for „midi clock jitter“, there are hundrets of threads

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But if I plug the OT directly into the Rytm the clock on the Rytm is still fluctuating the same amount.

Make Bitwig the master.

I don’t want that. Much better workflow to have a hardware unit be the master…

But is it just the display that bithers you or can you hear any clock problems (or see it in your daw grid recording)?

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IThe delay on the Rytm is stable even though it is synced to OT. Only the display shows the fluctuations from for example: 99.9-100.1 bpm.

The DAW doesn’t show changes visually but the delay jitters horrible making it useless.

Edit: crap… bad timing for this post, I just realized I have to go. But I’ll be back in a few hours :roll_eyes:

I thought these tiny bpm movements on elektron boxes synced to each other was all perfectly normal? Can’t quite remember the explanation though!

I never thought it was a problem before either. All my hardware can handle it. But it’s not stable enough for Bitwig.

I honestly believe that Bitwig is the problem and not the OT.
You could try to record a 16th click patter with just the Analog Rytm connected to the Audio Interface (Midi and Audio and no other devices involved) to rule out any OT problems.

Isn’t some jitter unavoidable?

A 0.1% error is nothing…dont worry about it.

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I have sequenced synths with effects in Reason 8 no problem, using OT as the master. Reason is renowned for sync issues, so I would have thought it should work with Bitwig…

its normal for midi-clock-slaves to fluctuate a bit… doesnt matter… hardware or software…
like the others says: aslong as you dont hear problems… or see problems within your recordings. there is no problem… just “things being as they should”

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Yeah ignore those display fluctuations unless they’re huge. I spent hours trying to figure out why my MD did the same thing but it’s normal with Elektron gear. I think most other gear just doesn’t update the display until two or more beats have passed with the new tempo, whereas Elektron seems to update it immediately. Read up on how midi clock works and it makes sense.

If the Rytm delay remains synced but Bitwig doesn’t it sounds like the issue is bitwig or your interface. What happens if you try to use the Rytm as the master?

I always thought the elektrons where pretty accurate, and showing little fluctuations others hide. I was Never annoyed anyway.

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I’ve been using the ERM Multiclock as can stream an audio signal out of the interface to get jitter free clock. There’s also the Expert Sleepers USAMO that does the same thing.

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I know this sounds like the worst work around ever, but it usually works and can lead to interesting results at times. You could just set Bitwig and the OT at the exact same bpm and just beatmatch like a DJ. I do it all the time when I’m jamming with friends.

The Elektron boxes I tested don’t generate very stable MIDI Clock Messages. These results are a bit outdated, but I don’t think much has changed since then.

It might sound counter-intuitive, but most DAWs are going to generate much more stable MIDI Clock than most hardware boxes, especially if you’re on macOS.

As I’ve explained here and here, MIDI Clock jitter doesn’t matter too much with most modern hardware and most modern software, but in this specific case you’re clearly noticing an issue with your synced delays in your DAW.

Using your DAW as the master is the simplest solution since that way you can be sure your tempo-synced delays running there are always rock-solid.

The other option is to use a hardware box as the MIDI Clock source that is more stable.

What about Transport Send and Clock Receive for OT ?
Do you record things with OT?
Pickups with Overdub ?