OT collaboration zone? Does one exist?


I thought maybe it would be in the lounge but after a quick scour it appears not or I am blind.

For fun it would be cool to create and collab on projects that are just OT with other likeminded users.

Can anybody point me in the direction of the correct area or alternatively who would like a go?



sounds fun
is it possible to upload an entire ot project and how are the indiv samples and chops going to stay the same
never did this but id love to

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You could dropbox and link to that dropbox here?


ok - will start a project or someone else can and do a drop box link here, i will attach all samples and then feel free to add samples, obviously don’t take away samples or the project starts to break and don’t change parts/tracks that each of us make into new parts - just add new parts or banks.

after any changes make sure you attach any extra samples to the dropbox , if you make any midi patterns let each other know and also the musical key if it matters

what type of music should we start with? drum n bass, house, techno, ambient?

The samples can go in the project folder instead of the audio pool, and may help to save sample settings for them…


Collect all samples and save command