OT community project jan2k15

hi fellow Octagonists !


I have recently started community projects … the first one is done and can be view / listened to here : Community track production xmas 2014

there is another one running right now here: Community sound patch collection 2014 A4 / AK …(please join if you own a Analog4 ! )

and from January 2015 on I want to start a community project for the OCTATRACK … hence, we get together and create a cute little track together …

??? WHO IS IN ???
??? WHO IS IN ???
??? WHO IS IN ???

??? WHO IS IN ???

we will send samples back and forth, have different participants on different tracks, need to agree on BPM, see where things are heading … this is off course an experimental project … and you are very welcome to join and combine your creativity with other memeber of Elektronauts on a worldwide level …

sounds fun?

are you in?

I’m afraid that January is going to be even busier than December for me, so I can’t join in. I thoroughly recommend that other OT users join in with this project - last month’s was good fun.