OT: Creating drum/perc sounds from scratch

Hello All-

I’d like to get some knowledge floating around about making your own drum/perc sounds on the OT by using traditional synth methods - i.e. single cycle waveforms looped and being the Oscillators; pounding the filter with Envelopes, etc.

I get some good, but varied results using classic synth programming techniques, but I’d like to hear what others might be doing in this respect.

No FM, mod matrix or aux envelopes does seem to be a hindrance to me getting really “punchy” sounds. Anyone have some suggestions or recipes for harder hits?


Does the OT have fast pitch envelopes? That’s borderline essential for drum synthesis.

re: aux envelopes – LFOs can be set to ONE and essentially made into envelopes.


Just get an analog kick and a realistic noisier kick and with OT you could make everything with just that. Starting with a single cycle wave is going to be brutal.

You can make hats, snares, clicky, bouncy, honestly any perc from just 2-3 samples on the OT.


From over at the EU board, two of the OT “science labs” were to make a complete track from a short sample. Tons of perc created inside just the OT.

My submission to lab #4

OT Lab#1 use a short sample of noise.

OT Lab #4 use only a 2 second sample of a scream, the Wilhelm Scream