OT + DN + ND3: Midi ghost notes

I’m trying to setup these devices together and i spent the whole day (and night actually) since i love troubleshooting MIDI (sic).

The Auto channel on the devices is set to 10, PC change as well.
OT midi out > DN Midi In
DN Mid Thru i> Nord drum Midi In.

I am really not sure of the chaining, i’m just running tests and my brain is a jelly at this time.
OT speaks well with the DN but it is very convoluted with the Nord Drum. Maybe i should not set it with the same global channel than the DN, i dunno anymore.
The thing is that with the OT and DN sequencers stopped, it receives notes… some time.
Hard to know where it comes from as the ND doesn’t have a Midi thru to monitor.
Where can it come from?

Also I can’t remember but i think in all these hours i could manage to change bank in the ND but i can’t seem to be able to reproduce it, maybe settings have changed.
For the record DN and ND are set to receive and send everything.

PS: any recommendation on the chaining of the devices is most welcome, i only worked with a single device before (OT).

I have these 3! I set it up differently, I used a Blokas Midi Hub.

Ok, you can get bank changes on the ND, I did it. But you use Prog + SubBank, and I think there is an off-by-one/zero-indexing type deal.

I don’t recall ever getting ghost notes. I had DN out to OT in and OT out to ND. DN controlled transport + pattern change, OT sequences the ND. I used a midi channel per voice on the ND3, rather than a global channel.


Seems like ghost notes’can happen whenever the ND is started after the OT and don’t like to receive a chunk of MIDI data on start up.