OT Don't stop Sending MIDI message after a stop

I don’t understand why my ot don’t stop sending midi message. Once i play only a single note on my keyboard, i can see on the upper right of the ot screen a little dot blinking. And to confirm that my (E-Mu) planet phatt is blinking on the midi light. I never never use audio midi. control audio cc in and out is not active, seem for audio note in & out. All the trig channel are off. Auto chan is 11 (seem for my keyboard). CC direct connect is on. Firmware 1,25H. any idea? i’m going crazy.

ps: if i play there is no problem at all, it’s just after finishing playing the sound stop as it should, but i can see that the ot is still sending midi message… and the planet phatt is blinking

Which keyboard do you have connected to the OT’s MIDI In port?

Is it sending MIDI Active Sensing messages?

it’s a novation impulse 49

If i disconnect the keyboard, the ot is still sending midi messages. Do you think it can come from auto Chan???

the ot is not sending clock or transpose, no prog ch

so no one have an idea about that? In fact, the keyboard is not the problem because if i unplug it and i turn off the ot and then turn on and press play and then i push the stop button, the ot will continue to send this infinity midi signal. Because i stop the ot, there is no sound but the midi led is flashing on my planet phatt. And i can see on the screen of the ot just next ( at the right) to the tempo number.

what kind of midi-messages? CC? did you check out the LFO-page on all midi-tracks. some time ago i ran into the same problem and i found out that i modulated some pre-defined and enabled CC’s simply by twisting one of the intensity-parameters accidentally.

hope this will help