Ot + dt + dn + ah

Because it’s still relevant in 2022 i’m gassing about adding a OT to my existing “portable” DT DN AH combo. Just to add (long) and stereo samples to the setup and so as intergral part of projects. Any thoughts how to set this up? Was sketchin some routings but can figure out where to put what. Endelss possibilities but i am aiming at a steady routing.
I save projects on all machines with the same midisetup and project name’s so it “feels” like one giant groovebox. 1 is master and sends pattern change messages and tempo: I (think) i don’t want the OT a en b input for the DN and DT and the Heat as master. Or should i?
Advice or tips ?

From a general Elektron mindset, this would be the most logical routing. That would allow the most flexibility and performance options. An Octatrack brings so much to this kind of setup, and is a great choice, but if your aim is stereo samples, maybe something like the 1010 music Blackbox might be a better fit? That, or maybe an SP-404 mk2 (if you can find one). How do you currently have your boxes routed? DN into DT into AH?

[quote="DN into DT into AH?
Exactly this

I have OT, DN then TR8-S (could just as well be DT).

I use OT as master clock and pattern changer.
Each machine is its own sequencer.
Each machine runs to its own track on my mixer, though could just as easily go back to OT inputs.

My OT also sequences a bunch of analogue synths. I have a line from the mixer going back to the OT for sampling.

Everything is connected all of the time. Very easy.

I use AH on the OT to resample stuff through the AH and save those samples.

Maybe that helps. Basically theres no wrong way to do it.


If you don’t need particularly the OT sound-mangling capabilities and it’s sequencer it could be worth to check out a SP-404.

It could also be interesting from a performance point of view. The FX of the MK II and the uncomplicated direct access to most functions, is what I like most on this little box.