OT file system problem

I just saved some resamples on the OT - when I went to look for them I couldnt find them.
I switched to USB mode and i could see that the resamples I saved are on the card but I cant access them on the OT. I have a 32GB card about half full.
Any ideas anybody?

I little reading told me my problem was that I had over 1024 files in the audio folder. Moved some files to another folder - problem solved!

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just for the future: in which audiofolder did you have more than 1024 samples? in the whole audio-pool or the project folder, or just another folder inside the audio-pool.
Iā€™m just trying to learn something and avoid such head scratching somewhere in the future :slight_smile:
Thank you.

Hi Fisto - I had them all in the main AUDIO pool folder. I made another folder inside the AUDIO pool folder and that solved the problem.

cool, thank you for the info.
So basically, a folder should not have more than 1024 files.
Subfolders are ok I guess.

It should then be possible to have several folders containing up to 1024 files each in the Audio Pool.

It seems like that is possible. THAT would a lot of samples :slight_smile:

Yes, limit per Folder

thanks for the confirmation! good to know.