Ot food ... juno chords anybody?

i just made these and would like some feedback.

wav or mp3 can be send to you for free off course

how would you tweak these?

over dub with less pitch bend?


Nice !

Indeed there might be a bit too much pitch shifting.
Would be nice to have chord separate as well, I guess.
But just listening to this makes me want to touch my A4 :smile:

its coming from a juno tho.

you think it could be helpful to over dub it again with no pitch bend, so it wont be that apparent afterwards`?

Overdubbing would make it muddy and hard to sample each chord. I would just record a bunch of different chords and label them accordingly.

Sure does sound lovely!

@TrabanT it’s the analog sound that trigged me I guess… I’m pretty satisfied with my A4 in this regard !

Same as @VanillaSun, I think overdubbing is not that interesting.
Different chords is a good idea. Not too much (or even no) pitch shifting I guess.

I’d advise to separate chords, as well, clean cuts between them so that you don’t have a piece of the previous one on your chord (+ it’s easier to chop)

I posted some samples and chains I made here, feel free to download
includes some nice single cycle waveforms by someone else