OT freezes when ejecting after copying samples to it

MacOS Sierra
OT OS 1.25H

After copying samples from Mac to OT, I eject the OT as recommended. MacOS throws a dialog stating the device could not be ejected.

OT locks up, I.e.: no button press works, tempo light does not blink.

The sample copy works and OT starts up fine after a hard reboot.

Is this problem with unit or common?

I am running Sierra with no issues.

I believe sometimes it has a brief pause before the OT is ejected (after updating to Sierra from Mountain Lion)… but I’ve never gotten a freeze.

Thanks. Question: OT displays a dialog with an EXIT button. Do you dismiss this before or after ejecting the device via MacOS?

It does it automatically upon eject…

i only use that if i try to put in disk mode and i dont have the usb plugged in

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Ok. I may have dismissed that dialog before ejecting. Will reverse procedure and see if that solves it. Thanks.

Just to follow up: I tried ejecting the OT from the MacOS first and no freeze! Thanks, JOB.