OT Hip-Hop/Experimental inc. Prophet 12 and MPC

Well, my never-ending (3 week) quest to make bizzare instrumental/experimental hip-hop that has no market (MCs OR listeners) with hardware is coming together. Grew up on DJ Shadow and DJ Premiere, etc.

Figured I’d post it here because Hip-Hop is a very underrepresented genre with Elektron Boxes and I’m working on changing that. Played in a bunch of synth stuff with the Prophet 12, mostly some subtle use of the OT (was going overboard with scenes in earlier recordings), and I threw all the vocal samples I could randomly pull up in forgotten OT folders to make the transition work. Kept it simple and was better off (some light MPC trigging goes a lot farther than insane note repeats and sequences- PRO TIP!) Had a lot of fun with this one.