OT Internal LED stuck

I just ran into a curious issue with the internal input LEDs.

If I record anything into a buffer and then select the entire sample, and select duplicate selection left or right, the left LED goes yellow, and the right LED goes red on the internal input LEDs.
Source isn’t set to anything on Src3. If I change it to something like T1-8 or Cue, it behaves normally, but if I set it to “-” again the lights are on.
Only way to fix it is to restart the machine. Can someone else see if they can reproduce this, or explain what is happening?

I reproduced this with both flex and pickup tracks, and it’s not exactly a problem, but it is a strange behaviour.
I am guessing you can’t select the entire sample and duplicate that selection. I expected it to make my sample twice as long, but that didn’t happen. Just this LED behaviour.

With Pickups you can use Multiply.
(Track + midi). You physically can’t with MKII.
I didn’t noticed the bug with my MKI.

If you have an MKII as I guess considering left/right leds for SRC3, you can complain and write to Elektron.

Well my problem isn’t per se that I need to double my sequence length. I just ran into this and thought it was a really weird behaviour.
This is the mk2. It’s just odd to me how these lights do come on, and wont turn off.
Still curious if anyone else can reproduce this on their units. And yeah again sorry for not mentioning this is a mk2.