OT Issue: "Loading Files" - Stuck after +/- 60%

Dear all

You only realize how precious something is to you when it doesn’t work anymore.

My OT (OS 1.25, not b) refuses to complete the “loading file” process at startup.

I know an OS upgrade could help, but I am scared of using SYSEX, fearing I could lose my current project.

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance

maybe someone can chime in with what’s likely to be wrong, but keeping in mind the care needed when doing card activity, couldn’t you just transfer the data from the card when the OT is off to your computer via a card reader - that may also reveal an issue with the card or content -it may not be the OT, i’m not up to speed on the state of saved vs cached projects but presuming you change nothing it should still try to load from where you were - good luck

Thank you for your response. I actually do use a card reader. The card seems fine on the PC.

I don’t want to upgrade because a) I could only do so via SYSEX and have no midi cables and I’m too lazy to buy some, b) I’m afraid of losing my projects and c) I am not convinced this will solve the problem.

you can upgrade by putting the file on the root of your card, not sure i’d do that if the card or unit may be having an issue - but it’s worth knowing, no midi/sysex required - just download and put on CF

Not sure if I get you right - do you say merely putting the file in the CF’s root will do? I am asking because according to the upgrade file’s documentation, the upgrade must be triggered manually through the SYSTEM menu. The problem is, I can’t get into that menu…

good news: it was probably something with the CF. a second CF didn’t have problems.

I completely resolved the issue by deleting the project and set folders the OT had generatet. It seemed that something with these folders was wrong - trying to copy them on Win7 made the corresponding window crash.

Does anybody know why these files/folders become corrupt?