OT knob suddenly harder to turn

One of my OT’s knob became suddenly harder to turn yesterday while playing. It still works just fine though, but that’s a knob I use a lot so Im wondering if it’s about to break or something.
Is there anything I can do to repair it?

Contact Elektron support.
Either ask for a repair or, if you know someone that is skilled in soldering, just ask for the part to replace.

Do you have other knobs wiggling a bit ? If so, that might be good to repair them as well…

FYI I did it on my Monomachine and she feels like new !

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Well I’m glad you’re asking because this same knob has been wiggling a bit before going into this state. But the most surprising is that it doesn’t wiggle anymore.
I’ll contact the support then.

I suspect something is broken inside the encoder that prevents the wiggling for the moment.
Doesn’t feel good, I guess :slight_smile:

Is the cap touching the top of the case? If so, try pulling it up a little so that it can once again turn freely.

No it doesn’t touch case. Visually it doesn’t seem to be any different from the others, it’s only when rotating it that it feels just slower.

In that case what @LyingDalai said.