OT live sampling without a gap in sound

Is there any way to force the OT to delay using the newly recorded sample until after recording stops?

I am live sampling a Minitaur and have some slices arranged on a flex recorder track. When I arm the recorder and it begins recording (via a recording trigger) there is a gap sometimes. This occurs say if I have the first step in the pattern set to the last slice of the sample. It plays the empty slice, since the recorder hasn’t made it that far yet.

Seems like it’s the nature of the beast, but perhaps I am overlooking something? I guess it would technically require a secondary buffer of the buffer :confused:

Different patterns for recording and playing? Using scenes to alter volume? Using scenes to ping pong between recording buffers?

Hard to say without knowing what kinda workflow you like. But there are solutions. Experiment!

It is interesting to watch the rec and play cursors in the Recording Setup. You can’t play what you haven’t recorded yet.
To avoid a big gap, you can also turn time stretch of, use microtiming.
Normally you can play instantly what you record, with applied effects, except rate reverse and high pitch settings. There is of course a few milliseconds of delay for processing.