OT + MIDI + Ableton = not working

hmmm… so i updated to Yosemite. Updated my Octatrack. Updated my Saffire mix control for my audio interface.
i decided to use my OT as a MIDI device today because my midi keyboard wont work (no updated driver added to the site yet) and im getting no MIDI into Ableton 9.
ive checked the MIDI cables a few times, definitely got that right.
in Ableton ive gone into the preferences and checked the MIDI Sync Tab and theres nothing come through there.
must be my audio interface (focusrite saffire pro 24 dsp),

anyone else having this type of issue?

Just got to work and saw this. I can test it in about 8 hours…get back to you then. :slight_smile:

:smiley: thank you good sir.

Hmmm. OSX seems to see my midi interface…but no blinky lights when I send data. Investigating. It’s funny, since getting the Electron devices I haven’t really used the computer…kind of funny actually. I upgraded to Yosemite out of habit and neglected to check that the music stuff was still working. :stuck_out_tongue:

strange. even my midi keyboard wont work (had the same issue when upgrading to Mavericks, as it needs drivers, urgh).
cuz my keyboard doesnt work i was gonna use the MIDI side of the OT to play keys and do stuff like that.
since upgrading, those are the only two issues i’ve had.
i sent an email to Focusrite so hopefully that will help.