OT - MIDI sequencing question for possible buyer

I am trying to figure out OT’s sequncing abilities but specs confuse me. I’ll give you an example of what i have in mind and you can answer it. If i put 8 drum sounds for every track ( drum hit per track) and sequence a beat, am i able to sequence 8 more tracks for outboard gear? To my mind, thats what specs are telling me. And also, can i make a decent mix of drums with onboard eq? Thanks.

yes. the midi sequencer functions separately from the OTs sample functions.

also, you can load up more than 8 sounds at a time… use sample chains. or sliced loops… you can also parameter lock a different sound for every step of every track.

watch all the OT tutorials on youtube… then RTFM to make it sink in. have fun… the OT is awesome!

That sounds awesome. So, if i want to control for example 3 monosynths from OT, i shoul get my self some kind of midi patchbay because OT has only 1 midi out, right? And also i wanna know can i use parameter locks for extarnal synth’s filter or something like that…? Thanks.

yes… i use a kenton thru5… works perfectly
i think i got mine on ebay?? can’t recall though…

I control my Monomachine (6 midi tracks) tetra and shruthi_1 just using midi thru and it works a treat.

Yeah, or just use midi thru (if your mono synths come suitably equipped)

Hey guys, another potential buyer here.

I’m also a bit confused as to the MIDI sequencing part of the Octatrack, so just to be clear : when activating the MIDI mode, do we have to choose for each of the 8 tracks to be either a sampling machine or a Midi track (like in Ableton for instance) or is it merely a switch between two real different modes ? In which case it would mean the Octatrack is actually capable of handling potentially 16 tracks, right (8 audio + 8 MIDI ) ?

Thanks for the info !

Yeah, it’s 8 sample tracks and 8 MIDI tracks. There’s a dedicated MIDI button that you press to get yourself into the MIDI sequencing mode. Really fast and easy.

Awesome. Thanks a lot !