OT Midi Setup Help


I been using the OT to Sequence my extrenal Synths and as a master clock for the AR. Now I got into writing songs and got the OT to send prog changes on track 16 so that the AR follows when I´m changing Patterns.

So I´m going Midi out of the OT to In of the AR and Thru from the AR to a Iconnectmidi. Iconnectmidi out to Shuriti on midi channel 16 and all good. I used to have the OP-1 on channel 1 (over Usb Iconnect) but it wont recive anymore. And I would love to get the Waldorf Streichfeet on a channel too(bit confused to how to set the channels on this on in general)

Midi channel 1-14 seems to be used by the AR since I started using the Program Changes. Do I have to turn the midi channels(1-14) off on the AR to avoid the AR to be trigged when playing the Trigs on the OT ?(non recording mode)

The Ar does seems to change its sound sometimes when I´m messing with an fx on the OT, so some things are having a conflict in the chain.

Yes I´m a bit confused and if anybody could be kind to share some thoughts on the midi setup for the OT I would be grateful.


By the way I´m not running the outputs of the AR into the OT.

Furthermore there seems to be a difference in sound if I trigger the AR from the Pads or from the OTs trig buttons!

OK, let’s take this a step at at time and figure out what’s going on.

  1. Which MIDI channels are the OT audio tracks and Auto channel set to in the PROJECT>MIDI>CHANNELS menu?

  2. Which MIDI channels are the OT MIDI tracks set to?

  3. What is the setting of CC DIRECT CONNECT in the OT PROJECT>CONTROL>MIDI SEQUENCER menu?

  4. What are the settings for AUDIO CC OUT and AUDIO NOTE OUT in the OT PROJECT>MIDI>CONTROL menu?

  5. What are the settings for PROG CH SEND and CHANNEL in the OT PROJECT>MIDI>SYNC menu?

  6. Do you want to program AR drum patterns only on the AR and have the OT select the AR pattern, or do you want to sequence the AR’s drum sounds from the OT’s MIDI tracks?

  7. Which model of iConnectMIDI device do you have?

We can look at the rest of the set-up later.

Hi Peter

Thanks for getting back and helping out. Here we go:

  1. Auto ch 14, Midi Trig 1: ch 1 and so on…

  2. In the Midi Sequencer I send to Shuriti on Ch 16(Shuriti is reciving ch 16) and that works fine, I send to Op-1 on ch 1(recieving on Ch 1) but that does not work.

  3. CC direct connect is enabled.

Audio CC IN is ON
Audio NOTE IN is ON

Trans Send is ON
Clock Send is ON
PROG CH Send is ON Ch 16
RECV is not ON Ch 16

  1. I want to program AR drum patterns only on the AR and have the OT select the AR pattern.

  2. I have the IconnectMidi first generation(the black one)

  3. Thanks

  1. OK

  2. OK

  3. OK

  4. AUDIO CC IN and AUDIO NOTE IN should not affect us, assuming you don’t have anything connected to the MIDI In of the OT.

You should probably set AUDIO CC OUT and AUDIO NOTE OUT both to ‘INT’ temporarily (until we get everything working), so that you do not accidentally send MIDI notes and CC messages to other gear while you’re tweaking the OT’s audio tracks.

  1. The OT is sending Program Change messages on channel 16. I assume that the AR is receiving them and changing patterns appropriately, which means that PROGRAM CHANGE RECEIVE in the MIDI CONFIG>MIDI SYNC menu on the AR is set to ‘on’ and that PROGRAM CHANGE IN CHANNEL in the MIDI CONFIG>MIDI CHANNELS menu on the AR is set to 16. Is that correct?

  2. OK. This means that you don’t need to use any MIDI channels on the AR other than channel 16 for the PROGRAM CHANGE IN CHANNEL. Therefore, temporarily switch all the other settings in the MIDI CONFIG>MIDI CHANNELS menu on the AR (such as Track 1, Track 2 etc) to ‘off’. [I assume that the AR can do this - I don’t actually have one so I’m just guessing from the manual. If any AR owners have better advice, please jump in and advise.]

  3. OK. Me too! I assume that you have MIDI Thru from the AR connected to one of the MIDI Ins on the iCM, and one of the MIDI Outs on the iCM connected to the Shruthi MIDI In. Correct?

  4. You’re welcome.

  5. Let’s try to avoid any conflicts with the AR and the Shruthi (which are both using channel 16 in your set-up right now): set the MIDI channel of the Shruthi to, say, 9 and try sequencing it from the OT using MIDI channel 9.

  6. You should be able to connect the Streichfett to one of the USB Device ports on the iCM. Try sequencing it from the OT on, say, channel 10, with no other sequences playing on the OT. According to the Streichfett manual, you can set the MIDI channel for the Strings section of the Streichfett by holding all four Memory buttons and having it listen to the MIDI notes coming from the OT on channel 10.

  7. Then Streichfett will also automatically set the MIDI channel for its Solo section to be the next MIDI channel (11). After this procedure, you should now be able to sequence the Streichfett Solo section from the OT using channel 11. [Streichfett owners, please confirm!]

Give this a try and tell us whether it is working. After that, we can look at the rest of the set-up.

Hi Peter.

Thanks a lot for help and your support, it all plays as i should now and seems like the midi conflict between OT, Ar and external synths are gone.


Yes it worked with my spare midi out on the Iconnect(the USB Port is for the OP-1) and even the split of ch 10 and 11 as you mentioned.