OT MK1 Rattle - Anyone experienced this?

Has anyone experienced this kind of rattle from the OT? Started out of nowhere, no loose screws inside.

Buttons loosening up a little and rattling against the sides of the holes maybe?

Nothing to worry imho. I have a similar sound if I shake it (pretty hardly).

Don’t shake it, or disassemble it to understand better…or record that sound!

I disassembled my Machinedrum having a pretty big rattle sound. It was normal, magnet over a ribbon cable,

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Disassembled it yesterday, didn’t make me any wiser. Nothing loose inside of it, cant even pinpoint where the sound comes from exactly. It works perf, and test mode says everything is ok. Its just so wierd it started doing it out of nowhere, just sat on a table.

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Sounds like the plastic caps which cover the sensors shuffling around when you shake it. Sounds normal. A change in weather, or age can cause those parts to expand or shrink slightly.

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Yeah, that’s what I was trying to describe as “loose buttons.” Could easily be weather.

My turntable’s start/stop button sticks every winter, from around November until sometime in April I have to sort of fiddle with it a little bit to get it to pop back out, the rest of the year it’s fine. I’ve had it about 14 years (it’s around 40 years old) and it has been like that every winter.


My old bones and joints creak more and more each winter, so do the pad sensors in my drum machine.

What model is your turntable?

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Technics SP-15. Some guy found it in a showbank, sold it to the shop where I worked and I got it for $80 plus some store credit and employee discount (they were asking $150). Other than the springs in the hinges on the lid breaking back in 2010, the button, and the lit itself being a little scuffed from when I took off all the punk stickers someone had put all over it (not even good ones) it works fine and sounds great. Need to recap it some day but they’re all looking fine and I’ve been putting it off becuase recalibrating it would be such a hassle (you need to be able to get underneath it like working on a car, since it has to be spinning while you adjust trimmers from the bottom. The service manual has a special stand for this, I’d have to build something.

I looked up ‘turntable repair stand’ and spent a few hours reading vinylengine.com. The stand looks difficult to build, let alone repairing the turntable.

But your SP-15 looks like quite the investment!

The whole stereo was about $150 not counting needles. Amp (Technics SA700) was free, turntable was $80, 1970-ish AR-2ax speakers were free but needed new surrounds (about $12) and I blew a midrange driver using them as monitors and had to replace that (another $40). Been using the current system since around 2011, but I’ve had the amp and turntable longer.

For a while I was using a Scott 299c tube amp (also free but needed $150 in service) but it started blowing fuses years ago and I haven’t gotten it fixed yet. Not comfortable trying that myself. Some day.

I have to keep this stuff working because there’s no way I could afford anything close to this good at today’s prices. The mid-late 2000s were when the vinyl market bottomed out and that was when I was working at record and thrift shops so I really made out well.