OT MkII jumpy encoder fix

The encoders in my OT MkII have been acting weird and it got to the point where values would suddenly jump around without me even touching them, which would not be a lot of fun while on a MIDI page in a live setting. I couldn’t find any info online about replacement parts. Well, I’ve never been one to shy away from voiding a warranty… Access was very easy, just a couple of screws. These seem to be Alpha RV112FF-40B1-15F-0B20K-0068 encoders. They cannot be opened without desoldering, which would usually be destructive.

They’re pricey too, so before swapping all of them for new ones, I thought, what the hell, I wanted to rip them out anyway. So I gave it a go with contact cleaner through the tiny slots at the top of the encoders. So far they’re acting like new, knock on wood.

Just putting this out here in case anyone needs to google it in the future. Good luck on your repairs! :slight_smile:

Bonus rainbow pic!


Elektron can sell you replacements if needs be, at least.

Sure, but I guess now that I figured out the part number it will be cheaper to order them from Mouser or some such place. :wink:

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