OT MKII, Track 7 - reverb not working - very odd

Hello all,

I’m working away on a set today and I ran into a problem I just don’t understand.

On Track 7 I set FX2 to any of the last four set of effects (Delay, Plate Rev, Spring Rev, or Dark Rev) and nothing happens when I mix it in or send the audio to the effect.

I’ve never encountered this before.

An odd note: I can use ANY/All of the effects above that last 4, and they all work. But anything relating to the last 4, no matter what, nothing seems to happen when I mix it and/or send in (depending on the effects setting).

I’m wondering if this has to do with the fact that I’m use Track 8 as a master?
I don’t often do that.

All up, I’m very surprised this is happening.

Any and all help/advice here would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, I had something similar a couple of days ago; it was due to some scenes I had set (and forgotten).


Yes. Scenes locks are kept even if you change machines. MIX is probably plocked to min value.

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Hello, and thank you!

Yes - that was 100% it… I did something last night I don’t normally do and that was change the “starting” two A and B scenes to have locks.

What I usually try to do is have A use 1-8 and B use 9-16.
usually (and again, apparently not last night) I try to keep A1 and B9 to have not parma locks so that I can always go to A1 and B9 to move over to the next bank/pattern if I want no locks running. But, I apparently didn’t keep to that last night.

Again, thank you for the help as It is greatly appreciated!
You both were 100% on the money.

Thanks again for the help.

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