OT->MnM Effects Routing

So, I have a quick question. I will prolly have to use a mixer for this setup and will do in the future, but for now I’m looking for a way around it. At the moment I have an OT, MnM running into my new Eventide Space, then the MnM main out running into a thru machine on the OT…The mains of the OT go to the Analog Heat the mains of the AH running into my monitors.
Well I would like to have more control, by using the AH and the Space on individual tracks on the the OT and the MnM. Was thinking the que out trick on the OT then back in as an effect loop for the AH…That would take 2 inputs and the cue outs…So, then for the Space is there a similar way of routing within the MnM where I could use the space as an insert effect? (Sorry, can’t seem to get my head arounf internal routing in th MnM. Only had it for a month or so)
Or is there another way I could insert the Space? Without using a mixer. Trying to keep it all as compact as possible.

You can basically select what tracks go out any output on the MNM. It’s in the machine setup menu I believe. Route the track(s) you want to the appropriate output (generally I use c/d as an out into effects). Then put that back into the mnm inputs. Use either a thru track or an effects track to get sound from of your inputs. I like to use a compressor and have it routed to receive from the mnm inputs.

Also I like to play with the low pass and high pass filters to only let certain frequencies thru a track. If you have multiple tracks set up to accept input you can make sure only certain frequencies of the input signal go through certain effects.


OK, that gives me some hope. I’ll mess with a thru effect and try to figure out how to send other MnM tracks to it. Thanx