OT newbie Q

i have a OT here now to try out, but it gives me bid of a headache…

i got a midi track programmed for an external synth

then i sample something lets say guitar,
then slice it, let’s say 2 slices

keyboard is in slice mode, i can trigger those 2 lices

then i double click “NO” to disarm all tracks

now i start PLAY to set some trigs for the guitar slices

but now the recording s GONE

why was it overwritten when i disarmed the tracks before?

to i have to SAVE after slicing?

thanks a lot!

Is the track definitely set to the recording buffer you made the recording in, and not to one of the sample slots?

One mistake I use to do was to save the recording buffer in the recording slot.
Then it would be erased next time I record something.

  1. Use one shot trigs (Fn+trig) on the Record track (Fn+Record to see it)
    Then you use YES to arm your track when in grid mode, or all tracks when out of grid mode.
    Once the trig is, well, trigged, your recording is launched for the length you set (make it 64 steps fir instance)

  2. Once you’re OK with your recording, you can “save and assign” it to a new slot. Just don’t choose the recording buffer slot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Read again the manual very carefully until it makes sense, maybe.

i did manual sampling with the guitar, so no trigs involved i guess

thanks, save & assign … did not see that in any of the youtube tutorials before…

What happens if you accidentally write a sample over the recorder buffer in one of the record slot??? :sob:

If you’ve already saved the first sample, the new sample will be sitting in the same buffer and will appear to have the same name as the first sample.
Now if you save as a new name, you will still have both samples sitting in your project folder.
I use save and assign to self if I am making a bunch of samples with similar names… saves me on all the knob turning to name a bunch of samples.