OT Sample Libraries

Really good wav sounds for the OT?

I do Deep House and Techno and looking for real good and useful sample libraries and not for 2nd hand standard stuff.

Can you recommend?

Farrrrrr cheaper to just buy 44khz sample packs on loopmasters.com or an equivalent. (Native instruments expansions)

They are asking far too much for what you get in the packs on elektron.se

Just my opinion

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Hey ,

I just had a look on loopmasters … the Octatrack packs are 28 euro … did you mean general loop packs?

I saw this one: https://www.loopmasters.com/genres/139-Synthwave/products/9236-Synthwave-Anthems-2

Specs are Rex2 which i know is for Reason. Acidized WAVs are the best option i guess?

I just bought the Riemann Techno Drums 1-4. Very nice.

Yeah, i meant any other loop pack across various sites. If you want techno. Maybe check out audiotent? Good stuff there albeit abit more expensive but quality.

For the price elektron wants, id much rather pay for a native instruments expansion.


Anybody use NI Maschine expansions with the Octatrack?

Think I still have that kitmaker software somewhere