OT slaved to DT... It's not working like I need it to

Hey everyone, I feel lost at the moment, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

I’ve been using the OT as master and DT as slave for months, no problem.

After realizing the OT isn’t entirely reliable when recording MIDI (chords especially), I’m trying to slave it to the DT instead.

The sync seems flimsy (jumping from 111.9 to 112.1 twice every second) and my big issue is that FLEX machines don’t work properly when they’re set up like a “THRU”. Playback just stops randomly, generally after a second. It seems to work if I microtime the playback trig just a notch to the right, but I don’t want that.

Information that may or may not be relevant :

DT transport and clock set to send
OT transport and clock set to receive
All trigger channels are off on the OT
DT pattern is empty
No pitch or rate alteration on the OT
I’ve tried restarting both machines.

Double-stopping the DT doesn’t double stop the OT.

Please help me.

i noticed this too when having digitakt or digitone as my master device. quite sure it wasn’t like that in the beginning when i got these , maybe a bug introduced with an update?

Right? FLEX machines are behaving like PICK UP machines when the OT is in slave mode. I don’t remember that it was like that before.

oh, sorry, i was just talking about the tempo jitter. my OT seems to work fine slaved, or maybe i use it differently. it’s sometimes hard to tell with the OT. :slight_smile:

I think we agree, maybe I wasn’t clear. There always was a bit of tempo jitter when the OT was in slave mode, and it was the reason you couldn’t use pick up machines in that mode… But I don’t remember it was a problem with FLEX machines. Now it is.

Can you describe the effect or behaviour you are trying to achieve? Why do you want Flex Machines to behave like Thru machines? Why is microtining unacceptable?

Thanks for answering.

So, I like to set up a Flex Machine playing its respective recording buffer. It’s constantly recording and playing back the recording. It’s an easy way for me to monitor what’s coming in, and I can remove the recorder trig whenever I’m satisfied with what’s coming in, so I’m left with a loop.

I could use a Thru machine to monitor, and just record a loop with QREC set to PLEN, for example (or arm a one-shot trig, or any other method really) but I’d need to switch to a Flex eventually, and that seems like a hassle, and I’m just way more comfortable with the method above.

I’d be more than happy to learn a quick method to achieve similar results, that would be compatible with the OT being slave.

Microtiming isn’t acceptable because I switched to DAWless to avoid timing issues, and also because this workaround adds an extra 2 moves (shift+right arrow). The OT involves enough manipulation already.

I dont understand the issue.
Why not have OT as master?

Is there actually any sync drift? Or are you just looking at numbers on a screen (spoiler alert, those numbers mean nothing, its not clock jitter)

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You know when next to a machine you have a “+” sign meaning that it’s recording, and a triangle meaning that it’s playing back said recording ? In slave mode, the triangle disappears randomly, meaning the playback stops, and I assume it’s because of the tempo jitter.

I need the OT in slave mode and the DT as master because I need the DT midi input to use an external keyboard, because the DT is much more capable when it comes to recording MIDI.

Ok, so why not have OT as master.
Make use of the auto channel function.

That way you’ll have rock solid clock, and you can pass midi from the keyboard, to the DT to record your midi notes.

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Maybe I couldn’t see things clearly earlier. I will try that tomorrow morning and get back to you. Thanks!

I just got out of bed to try it because it’s driving me nuts, and I can’t get the MIDI through, would you be kind enough to guide me through this ?

Keyboard MIDI out set to 15
Auto Channel set to 15 on the OT
Same on the DT
Let’s say I set up track A on the DT to channel 2, to control a synth set on MIDI channel 2. How do I control that synth from my external keyboard connected to the MIDI in of the OT ?

Could you use DIR to monitor, QREC, Quick Record, and a Scene change to hear the loop?

(I’m commenting based on watching a few videos rather than trying it out. It seems a popular method, but it might be too fiddly for your performance).

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You’ll also need to pass MIDI through the OT to the DT on Ch15. I think you’d do that by setting up a MIDI Track to send on ch15, and then selecting that track when you want to play another instrument. It might be easier to turn off Auto-Ch on the DT, and set up the OT to have a MIDI track for each synth you wish to address.

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You’ve set up the autochannel, next:
You need to assign one of the OT midi tracks to speak to the DT on autochannel.
That way when you select the OT midi track, you can play any of the DT tracks by selecting the desired track on the DT itself.

Or go with @Octagonist suggestion. Both work well. I prefer the auto channel method, as it allows me 7 more OT midi tracks to drive other gear.


Ooooh lightbulb moment. I think I get it. Thanks guys. I will try it in the morning because this day wasn’t my day and I wanna reset things now.

Thanks a lot !!


DIR has a few limitations : inputs are hard panned left and right, and you can’t apply effects. But if I get this MIDI thing to work I’m out of the woods. Getting back to you ASAP ! thanks again for your patience!

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@Octagonist @microtribe It seems to work perfectly ! Thank you so much, now I’m happy again. I went with Microtribe’s method.