OT Start Up Issue

I am having trouble with my OT and Im wondering if anybody else has had this issue. I have had my OT for over 2 years and this occured last week.

When I switch it on now it always asks me to store the date and time regardless of how recently before I have already stored it.

It also tells me now on every start up that there is no set mounted (and so of course no active project).

I am able to operate the OT fine in that I can set the date ,mount a set and load my projects etc with no trouble. Im just wondering why it no longer seems to be able to hold onto the usual start up info.

There are no low battery warnings and running a test function appears to be fine.

I am using the latest OS.

Anybody else seen this??

Sounds like internal battery is running empty…
Not 100% sure… but… a computer would show same behaviour… (and i know some workstations that can have this prob)… I think i even saw a battery in one of those
“opened up octatrack pictures” …

U can always ask elektron if it has one. .and if its user-replaceable…
if it is… its probably a 2pound battery … (one of those big coin batteries)

agree with dreammer, my first thought when reading your post was battery issues

I seem to remember reading somewhere when I was researching my OT purchase that it does have a battery and that it is seated in a battery holder (no soldering to replace). I may be wrong, but I thought I saw that somewhere.

curious to see if that is what the problem is to know what the symptoms are when the battery goes.

BTW, found this picture which seems to support my memory: