OT summed-mono output

Is there a setting to make the OT’s L output L-R mono-summed if plugged in by itself?

What do you want to do ?
You can use Spatializer on master I think, or solder a cable.

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For when I’d like to monitor using only one speaker, but still need to hear both channels as summed-mono.

So Spacializer with MS ON setting on Master track T8 would be ok for you ?

Thanks, I need all 8 tracks, just wondered if I’d missed a setting to put the whole output into mono. Will look into finding a Y cable with the right resistors.

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It needs transistors for mono sum ?


“Here is the rule: Outputs are low impedance and must only be connected to high impedance inputs – never, never tie two outputs directly together – never. If you do, then each output tries to drive the very low impedance of the other, forcing both outputs into current-limit and possible damage. As a minimum, severe signal loss results.”


I made a little cable in order to sum mono with headphones, I didn’t ear weird sound behaviour.

I think it’s different in that case because you’re driving a speaker with two outputs bridged to mono, but this is an area I don’t know too much about.

Once again, wtf, if the sound is normal, good, or even better.
I’m fed up with “you can’t do that” with regular cheap audio things.

No one said can’t. Rane engineers said shouldn’t :grin:

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Maybe I’ve been doing it wrong, but I just run a cable out of the left out only to my powered speaker when I’m only running mono. Doesn’t the OT sum to mono when only the left channel is used? Sounds like it to me :thinking:


That was my original question

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Is the right channel summed?

I’m not near my OT to check, but I never noticed any audio disappearing, so in answer to your original question, I don’t know of a particular setting. It’s just worked for me to use left out only.

Sorry was being lazy - just got my OT out and no, the L out only, only plays the L channel, not the summed mix.

So unless there’s a setting I’m overlooking in the mixer page, you can’t do a summed mono mix out of the box, without using a master track :sob:

Please let me know if I’ve overlooked something.

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You haven’t - but the spatializer will work if T8 is spare

Best bet is your DIY adaptor - it would be a sensible (and modest) feature request imho if you can present a case to elektron (a global option as opposed to spatializer workaround)


Thanks, this is good to know :smiley:

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I’d love this feature, but we probably have to redefine ‘modest’! Even really tiny stuff hasn’t been taken up:

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So can anyone recommend a good quality stereo > mono summing box?