OT user error thread

Post it in here when it happens.

I spent about 45 minutes the other day trying to figure out why all of my MIDI gear was double-triggering when the Octatrack sequencer was running but behaved correctly when I double-taped the stop button. Classic MIDI feedback loop behavior but I couldn’t track the feedback down anywhere.

I had the main output from my mixer up in the monitors by accident, so I was hearing that and the control room output that runs through the Octatrack at the same time, and the Octatrack latency was making it sound like it was double triggering.

EDIT: in my defense, it was in my interface’s monitor mix not the hardware mixer, so I could’t jsut look at a fader, I had to open up the control app and see that the fader was up when it shouldn’t be.

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My most recent was that panning right moved the signal to the left speaker and vice versa. I’d done some cable tidying around the back of the desk and gotten the speaker cables mixed up.

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