OT + Volca FM = noise -> user error

when I send the volca fm [in A B] on a Thru machine the sound has lots of digital artefacts and glitches, sequencing from OT midi.

when I use direct in on the OT mixer the sound is fine.

I’m guessing that the audio out of the volca is getting into some issues in the OT dac for the thru machine while the OT dac for direct is a more compatible (higher?) resolution?

Perhaps I need to put the volca through an intermediate device of some sort?

I think there’s a pb of phase in the stereo signal.
Try single A or even A+B, this was sounding a lot better.
I’m not sure but it may be related to the fact that the chorus is on. Maybe not.

disconnected everything, moved room, read your msg (thanks), tried it on track 5 and it worked fine. track 1 still full of digital noises.

after a bit of head scratching and copying all the track 5 settings to track 1 realised I’d left loads of surplus trigs on track 1 which were causing the glitches. doh! and after 3+ years with the OT I should have copped this!

the OT & Volca FM make a great partnership though. (in the right hands)

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