OT - Waveforms & Slices - Free Sample Chain Pack

Hello guys!

Ive been working lately in many techniques involving samples and slices… but my latest experiment is incredibly fun and I want to share it to everybody.

Thanks to Adventure Kid for the original single cycle waveforms!!

What I did here is create Single Cycle Waveforms Sample Chains… The commodore 64 contains 32, but is clearly indicated in the file names so just read the file name. 880 waveforms in 15 different chains.

Slicing these samples gives you 64 waveforms to mutate, increibly fun and powerfull.

In the following link you can read a longer description of the process, with pictures, and the download link at the bottom.


Hope you guys enjoy it!
and happy new Year!!

Thank you very much. Downloaded and will try these out later! Happy New Year.


thanks a lot Dude!!! this is awesome!!

thanks a lot and a beautiful ending for a beginning to you!

Massive props to you for sharing this with the community! :+1:

THANKS! I look forward to trying these chains out with an LFO modulating the start position!

Yeah!! I´m glad you guys find it interesting!!

Of course modulating the start parameter is incredible…

There are other interesting things to do like for example, using the Lenght parameter in Slice Mode rather than Time mode, if you turn the Lenght knob all the way to the left you will be playing 1 Waveform, or you can start augmenting the Lenght size size and use two waveforms or more as one… the results are really cool and you get a Chorus kind of stereo ish effect with a very rich output waveform…

Using a longer chains with over 2 waveforms creates crazy results, not very musical, but actually very interesting texture wise.

The other way to use them, is asigning one Scene to have the 64 Waveforms… so turning the Cross Fader gives you a quick scrolling trough different sounds…

I miss some Octaves restriction, and making complex arpegiattors is quite hard, my work around involves playing with the LEnght parametter in Time mode instead of Slice mode gives you a way of Pitching up or down more drastic, in conjuction with Rate…

What I´m missing now, is an arpegiattor option within the Flex machine… wow that would be extremely fun using this technique…

Is there any way to route one of the midi tracks to the input of a flex track? If so, we’d be able to use the arp but it wouldn’t be ideal for those that need their midi tracks for external midi use.

You could try the LFO designer.

Thanks for the work, time to use my octatrack for something new.

I have been lucky to have the E350 morphing terrarium (wavetable osc) in my eurorack, it has sparked my interest in wavetable synthesis, now with 8 tracks of octa filled with waveforms the sky is the limit when it comes to wavetable synthesis!

Yes already was my way to go… I love the LFO Designer and for this specific situation seems the best option.

I´m quite busy right now but I will be posting videos and audio snipets testing this techique very soon.

Looking forward to hear some of your results here guys!!

Massive update in the Sample PAckage…

Perfect for MnM, OT, and many others… It took me actually quite a long time as many folders had different number of files, now the collection os Sample Chains is a serieous one… Some of the chains contain less slices than the original folders from AFWF but I think is enough…

4400 WF tuned in C, more than 100 chains, plus a Noise Sample Chain I added that is incredibly fun!!


Looking forward to see some stuff coming from this swiss army knife!!

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