OT x DAW help needed

Guys, help!

I have a OT-centric rig, with the elektron box providing masterclock for everything, including a DAW (Reason) at the end of a midi daisy chain. Everything works fine and it well suits my workflow: recording prearranged chunks of a song into Reason (all in sync) and then doing final touchups/rearrengments in the DAW.
Recently, out of curiosity and love for chaos, I started making a track with the patterns 64 steps long but with the scale set to 3/2x in the OT. Once i start recording into Reason (slaved tempo from the OT, but 4/4 time signature) things get messy obviously, because the pattern markers are nowhere near matching the pattern itself…
Is there anything I could do to retain the project tempo from the OT and have the pattern markers in Reason align properly? Time signature change maybe? if so, to what value? HELP