OT - x0xb0x midi thru issue

i have my midi chain going from octatrack to x0xb0x (midi play) to minibrute. minibrute only receives on channel 1 and has no thru so it has to be last, but no matter what midi channel the xoxbox is set to, its sending that midi info to channel one also, so i cant sequence both individually. i had a similar problem with my jx3p thru but i was able to send it cc poly mode and it fixed it but not the case here. any ideas?

Does the Minibrute receive on other channels when you connect Octatrack and Minibrute direct?
I would suggest to use a midi splitter between octatrack and synths.

Manual of the Minibrute, page 41, says different. It may help to try another MIDI channel.

oh i see. basically i run into the same issue with any of my synths that have no midi thru and only receive on one. but i havent tried a midi splitter before. does that kind of make it so ill be able to use multiple synths that just receive on channel one?
with my mpc2000 i had two midi outs so it wasnt an isssue, is it like that?

Don’t have a minibrute but I can’t imagine that they would force you to use just midi channel 1. Are you sure it’s not in Omni mode or something? The xox shouldn’t be sending it’s own stuff on thru. It should just echo what’s coming in on the midi in.

yeah the xox passing its own notes through the thru is the main issue. it doesnt do it when its being synced, only when its being sequenced by the OT. ill try putting another synth there at the end of the chain and see if its still happening

If you can, try a midi monitor to be sure.
Thru is supposed to send what comes in.