Other good forums

No offence everybody, but I am looking to beef up my bookmarks with some other corners of the internet where electronic music makers talk shop. Sound design, sampling, crate digging, DAWs, synths, drum machines, song compositions… The usual.

I browse gearslutz sometimes, normally with the search function because they are pretty good a breaking down any specific artist’s sound. I definitely prefer people explaining how different sounds and effects are achieved over people bashing and bragging about gear (but that’s kind of fun sometimes as well).

I’m also diving into Logic Pro X lately, so any good spots for that is a bonus.



Cool people, no attitude, minimal (if any) gear-specific fanaticism.

More focused on live performance but lots of discussion, reviews, advice on gear and production techniques.

A really huge and informative community for various different recording techniques as well as production to even professionals giving advice on proper sound treating a studio is on http://homerecording.com

Another really great international site with no attitude and strictly pro is http://electro-music.com/

Both of these are the complete antithesis of “gearslutz” and neither are about boasting about what one owns over another. They are incredibly helpful and can make some pro connections with some musicians as well as sound designers…especially in the sound design, the electro-music site is pretty great.

I have found gearslutz to be more and more comical than anything and WAY too much interpersonal drama cases for my liking and none of that behavior would be tolerated at the two sites shared above.

Have fun and keep learning!

Here’s a quote of the home page of electro-music:

"electro-music.com is a place where artists and musicians meet, collaborate, sell our wares, and nurture our audiences. Here we create our own critical mass, so we can develop music on its own terms. electro-music is new music; still undefined; happening all over our planet.

electro-music is made with synthesizers, home-made circuits, computers, found objects, voices, signal processors, wooden flutes, ambient recordings, and virtually anything imaginable that makes sound - even conventional orchestras. It can be slow and spacy, or fast and rhythmic; it crosses many genres. The primary motivation for its creation is artistic and spiritual expression, not show business.

This site is a kind of cooperative community where artists and enthusiasts participate and benefit together."

attackmagazine.com is pretty cool. They focus a lot on dance music articles and interviews, but not exclusively. They have tons of interviews with artists, studio tours/gear porn, and articles on sound design and production. They also have one of the best visually designed web sites in this niche.

Thanks everybody! Let the lurking phase begin!