OTmk1 inputs B & D not working

Inputs B & D aren’t working but the lights indicate that the OT is receiving the audio from the inputs. A & C are working fine. Tried rebooting and creating a new project w/ no luck. Any ideas?

If you go to the MIX page, can you turn up DIR and hear anything?

yup, check out the video

Try contacting Elektron support. Obviously not under warranty but I think they would still be happy to help diagnose. They might even be able to do the repair fairy inexpensively.

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Am I wrong or do you only have the left side of the main output connected in that video?

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yea the output is in mono

gotcha, thanks

Are your inputs set to “A B” or “A+B”? The amp page has a balance control not a pan control, so if you are set to “A B” and you turn the balance all the way to the left, you aren’t panning input B to the left, you’re adjusting the balance between A and B - turning it left raises the volume of the left channel on the track and lowers the volume of the right channel. Turning it fully left means you only get the left channel. So if you’re only using the left output and turning the balance all the way to the left on the amp page, you need to sum the inputs to mono (so use “A+B” and C+D"), otherwise you won’t hear inputs B and D.

Obviously if you only need input B or D on a track, you can use them on their own, but if you’re using stereo input pairs and a mono output you need to sum the inputs to mono BEFORE the balance control to hear both channels on the output.

There’s no way to sum the direct input to mono, you can’t monitor inputs B and D through the left output with DIR.

Tracks are always stereo with a balance control. A balance control acts like a pan control with mono input because the left and right are the same, but there’s no way to move a hard-panned sound from one side to the other.

It’s easy to just think of balance and pan as being the same thing (I usually do), but they aren’t and this is one of the situations where it matters.


This was really helpful, thanks

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Same thing got me a few weeks ago, I had input C going to a thru track and I was sampling that into a pickup machine. Normally the thru would be centered and the PUM would be hard right. Since it was a mono input it worked like panning but at some point the THRU track got adjusted hard left by accident, so the PUM was getting audio on the left channel and silence on the right (he way the studio is set up the OT is 90 degrees from the computer and monitors so I don’t really hear the panning very much when I’m using it, otherwise I’d have been able to figure it out a lot faster). But since the balance was adjusted to the right I was only getting the right side of the reverb from the THRU track but the direct signal was completely muted because the left/right controls are balance not pan, so what was actually happening was that I was turning the right side all the way down on the THRU track and then turning the left side all the way down on the pickup track.

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Same here i want monitor only C D in Dir, just from left out of my other synths, (just for easy jack insert as i work with 4 Instruments and going to jack in B while input A is occupied is hard).