OTO Biscuit

You’re a little late to the party too. Prices are going through the roof right now. I had one and sold it again. It’s nice but it’s certainly not worth 1000€.
Get an AH or some Eurorack to create any custom bitcrush/distortion/FSU effect you can dream up and you’ll be cheaper off and it’ll sound better.


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The BOUM is finally close…

EDIT: In case you were after the warming/distortion side of the Biscuit.

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Hi to all,
Sorry for the long silence. OTO is still a small 2 people company, and we’ve been very busy with the release of BOUM, and increasing sales of our 3 products.
First, I have to say that we won’t release a reissue or a new version of Biscuit, I’m sorry to disappoint some of you. I prefer to spend my (precious) time to developp and create new products, and I have many ideas I want to test.
In 2018, among other things, I’ve spend a lot of time to listen and study 8, 12 and 16-bit audio and musical products released between 1976 and 1987.
These products were samplers (like the Fairlight CMI & IIx, Emulator II, Emax), drum machines (Emu SP12/1200, Linn LM-1, Oberheim DMX), or FX processors (delays, reverb, pitch-shifter from AMS, Lexicon, Publison, Eventide, Quantec, EMT, Korg, Roland, Ibanez, Bel).
I was lucky enough to try some of these machines in my lab, or going to studios equiped with them. When I had no possibility to listen to one of these, I built a prototype based on the original schematics (only the audio part).
I’ve studied the different 8 and 12-bit converters used in these products, and the techniques to improve the resolution of them (floating point conversion, uLaw ComDAC, analog companding, log + exponential amplifiers).
I cannot really tell you what the next OTO product will be (it’s too early for that), but I’m quite excited about it.
But I give you a small clue : this product could include a very close hardware and software emulation of Biscuit in it, among many other things…
The first prototype is planned for may, and if everything is OK we’ll start the industrial process in september.


Omg I want this magical lo-fi DAC/ADC thingy being described


Looks like a DAC emu thing. hooo! Really exited :slight_smile:


Slightly off topic, but has anyone used the Softtube version of the Biscuit?


For something that’s not available anymore, and in combo with OB, this could be a nice compromise if it lives up to it…

Keeping a close eye on this for sure

Yes - it’s excellent. I had a Biscuit a while ago, and this is an excellent replacement.


Talking about the biscuit. I bought the plug-in version but I’m not getting the same results as I saw fx in that Ricky Tinez video on Oto biscuit.

Anyone know if there’s a difference between the plug-in and hardware version?

I don’t think it’s for filter sequencer and maybe a few other modes. It’s got the main things though.

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I don’t want to diss the biscuit, it’s a wonderful machine. But i want to share why i sold mine. I think sometimes it’s good to get a different perspective when you lust after rare, expensive devices.


I’ve sold the Biscuit (twice actually) and share the sentiment. It’s one of those things that I’d like to some day maybe own again but not at the current prices. I think I’ll probably get an Ottobit Jr. instead. It’s not the same, but it’ll fill the hole and fit well with my Hedra and Mercury 7.


No updates on the new OTO machine ? I’ve been checking out the Syntax error pedal lately to get a bit of this vibe . Anyone used one ? I like the demos I’ve heard

I liked my biscuit but.
I didnt use it on everything.
The 2nd hand price went high and the money was handy
I can use iOS apps to get a similar sound to process samples if I need to. ( maybe not as good but quite similar )
When I did use it I was a little nervous to not scratch it ( mine was immaculate). … it was like a rare gem that I didn’t want to damage.

Certainly a very nice device like all other oto machines stuff. I’d buy them all if I could.


Have you tried bit maestro on ios?

The guy who made it said he based it on the biscuit. I really liked it, never owned a biscuit though so cant compare


It’s quite similar , it doesn’t do everything but it scratches that itch for bit crushing and it’s convenient to add reverbs / delay etc in aum / iOS host.
And under %1 of 2nd hand price.

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Definitely true. I find myself wanting a lot of gear that, while amazing sonically, did not make me a better songwriter! It’s crazy i know.

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I have been lusting for this for years.
Totally missed Dec 2015 last batch, but I’ve been tracking it on the internet since.

I didn’t want to pay above 650€, so I let it pass a few times, got an Analog Heat and somehow abandoned the idea, although GAS would still be on for this.

Nowadays, after years of total absence, I see a lot of second hand units for sale… Any idea what is going on?
Maybe COVID hot musicians and they sell what they can… :thinking:
Or did I miss some announcement?

I have no interest getting rid of my biscuit , i am probably going to keep the old and also have the new , i just think its going to have an emulation of it on board , not for it to replace it