OTO Biscuit

So I’m pretty late to the party, but got one of these recently and totally LOVE it!

If anyone’s got some tips/fave settings, lettuce know!

That delay is filthy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hell yes! The ultimate little lofi box. I’ve had mine since they were released and use it often. Love the envelope follower, pitch shifter, step filter, vibrato/chorus, wave shaper, and of course the straight up crusher for some nice lofi warmth.


That is sick, thanks for posting, got to get me one of those. :imp:

The Biscuit is fantastic. I mostly use it very subtle, but on nearly all my sounds. Even without activated bitcrushing it does a lot. Just use the lowpass filter a little and everything sounds warmer.

Also, it’s great for synth leads with the third or fourth button in red or grey.

I have the naked signal almost always turned down to zero to make the filter effect the whole sound.

All sounds but the drums in the tune you can hear in my signature went through the Biscuit.

i :heart: my Biscuit.

I have mine strapped across the output from my MD most of the time. Step filter running, and a random shape LFO from the OT modulating the clock frequency on the Biscuit in 16th steps for delightful scratchy filth.

And having a MIDI track on the OT dedicated to the Biscuit is not to be overlooked - sequenced control of ten parameters on the Biscuit is teh awesome! MIDI control of the Biscuit is pretty well implemented.

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Great tips! Already made some evil acid running a 303 through it… Not even tried midi-ing it up yet…

Love it love it love it :heart::imp:

I have mine on the main inserts of my mixer before going into a compressor and the OT for sampling. I tend to keep the naked knob all the way up and dial in a little of the dressed signal (9 o’clockish) with the hi-pass filter to add a bit of sizzle and crunch, but really anything goes depending on what I’m doing. The delay is awesome.

This track is pretty much all Monomachine processed several times through the Biscuit. Such a great device. I need to try the Der Oto mode sometime. Oh and +1 to sequencing it with a MD/MNM/OT.

lovely little piece that Animal - really nice. that’s some subtle biscuit use for certain. I’ve thought about getting one a few times as I like the idea & the features & form factor seem perfect for me but mainly when I look for demos all I ever find is smashed / blizted / crushed to fuck audio, which whilst nice in itself doesn’t really fit in with what I do…

Did you know…you can control ANY parameter also via midi? I haven´t tried it yet, but i will one day…plock and LFO it with my Monomachine…and it can also be “DER OTO”. :wink:

Here i use it very subtle on a Korg Kaossilator and Korg Monotribe:


Great track! I usually have the MD through the OTO, but I have also had nice results with MnM too. I guess you could run a MnM track throu twice since it works on two separate channels? Have to try it.

Hey thanks. For that track I recorded to a daw and sent that through the biscuit a bunch of times. Sending a mono signal through it twice in one pass could be interesting though.

Biscuit fan here too! I don’t use it enough though… I need to change that!

And damn Scrag, you pop up in all kindsa places! :joy:

This is pretty consistent with how I use it except when I use it on drums I tend to not be so subtle.

:wink: Just the good places!

> guess you could run a MnM track throu twice since it works on two separate channels? Have to try it.
I tried this yesterday:
[MD > OTO in (L), OTO out (L) > OTO in ®, OTO out ® to mixer]
Even when using the naked sound only, the MD got some extra coffee to it.

When adding un-crushed (no bit-buttons set) and dressed signal the sound was beefed up quite significantly. I like the band pass filter with some Q to put edge to the bass.

When using the delay in this config it is quite easy to get uncontrolled feedback. Keep dressed lower than 50% to avoid it.


Just wondered if anyone has issues when using clock sync into biscuit.
It’s works but I can no longer select filter type , it pings back to green one

Delays etc are clocked ok , just filter type issue , even when using ccs
On latest firmware , had issue with dt and others

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Kinda almost wished I hadn’t sold mine. I like it. I never found that it did subtle all that well, but I did like the delay a lot. I also feel like with some of the effects no matter what you fed it, the result was pretty same-y. Unfortunately I can’t afford to keep a 600 dollar specialty FX unit around to use just once in a while. I sold mine to help fund a used A4 and honestly couldn’t be happier. Given a higher pay grade, it’d totally still be in my studio!

I’ll try again tonight/tomorrow.
i did try setting up digitakt cc lfo to sweep the filter but not sure it worked.

but at least i know its ok , the filter cc should sweep through all filter types i think…

Hi there, if you ever think of selling your OTO biscuit, please let me know.
Or, might you even know where I can find one?