OTO Boum Volume Problem (Right Channel Louder than Left)

Hello there,

After @DaveMech posted his amazing video about the OTO Boum, I’ve also recieved a brand new one recently. It sounds amazing. But I’m concerned about two things:

  1. After some days of testing, I’ve noticed that the right channel is louder than the left one. It’s about 1 to 1.5dB difference to the right one (See Video). I don’t expect this to be a normal behaviour.

I’ve tested various setups, changed cables, tested different inputs of my mixer and interface, plugged in different instruments and different presets on the boum. Still the same.

  1. Another thing I’m concerned about is the build quality! Everything seems fine, but the level knob seems to be a bit bent. Not sure if it’s just the plastic poti or inside the whole soldered knob. (See Pic)!
    Shouldn’t be with a device that’s more than 500€.

I could still return it.

Thank you.

  1. Video Demo of the issue: https://youtube.com/shorts/FE6ZJRWnamw

  2. The Level knob on the right side seems to be a bit “bent” PXL-20230507-095524446

Thanks :pray:

I’d simply contact OTO about this. Doesn’t seem normal behavior indeed (1.5 seems a bit much, a little difference should be normal within reason) . As with any production run there will be a few mistakes made sometimes. They’re only human :slight_smile:
The OTO devices are build like tanks so I wouldn’t worry about that.

Best to contact OTO to see what’s up and I’m sure you’ll get it sorted :+1:

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thank you dave. will get in touch with them :slight_smile: