Out of lock memory?

hi guys,

In pattern mode with my MD no UW I set parameters to a specific notes in and I tweaked some parameters for some notes.
This operation was made for kick, sn, clap tracks.
Then on the lcd interface appears " OUT OF LOCK MEMORY" and the MD isn’t able to set parameters to a specific note but just for the whole track.

Do parameters locks have a limit of setting/memory?
Can you help me, please?


thx :thinking:

I mean, you need to have a fair few… But yes, there is a limit.

On the MD you are allowed 64 P-Locks per pattern I believe.

2nd MD would be a solution (so I was told back in the days)

I had the same problem these days with my MD. :frowning:
Makes me think about a change to the Rytm which has endless plocks per pattern as well as the A4 - as far as I know.

Same for all machines, they have a finite lock memory.

However, several locks of the same parameter counts as one lock, so it’s a bit more than you would expect from reading the numbers.

huge advantage of the analogs is that the locks on the trig page (velocity etc) are different.
You can lock any of these for free for each step in any track, and they don’t affect the lock memory. and they have velocity modulation…