Overall Structure and Tempo for livset

I’m a relative newbie to the Octatrack, but blown away by the versatility of it, and the rewards it offers if you put the hours in. I feel like I’m over the initial bafflement hurdle,and starting to really explore it’s more oblique features.

I am currently trying to get tracks from Ableton and into the Octatrack with the eventual intention of creating a liveset, and this seems to be working pretty well so far.

I have tentatively decided to assign each song to a Bank. Seemed a reasonably easy way of organising things to me… as it allows easy switching from one song to the next.

I found out though that it’s not possible to assign tempo to a bank, which seems a real pity. In fact as far as I can make out the only way to switch tempo is by using the arranger and assigning them on a pattern by pattern basis i arranger.

This is a pity as I had wanted to have a more ‘jam’ approach to my live sets, and didn’t want to be constrained by the arranger… rather ,just switch patterns on the fly and then switch banks to switch songs.

Just wondered whether anyone else had any gems of wisdom, or neat tricks on how to seamlessly switch tempos, or offer any alternative ways on how to organise a live set (split into distinct songs of varying tempos)

Try holding the Function button while you change the tempo - The tempo will change immediately when you let go of the Function button. I find its much more accurate than trying to dial the tempo in accurately in the middle of a set. Although the Little Louis - French Kiss approach can work once in a while :wink:

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ah thanks, that’s an excellent tip. Great reference too. where can I get sampled groans from I wonder ?

Try Vengeance Ultimate House Groans II or Loopmasters EDM Groans Megapack :wink:

Your best bet is a self-recorded field recording. It will feel more “real”. :smiley:

Your best bet is a self-recorded field recording. It will feel more “real”. :D[/quote]
Ha Ha yeah of course, that’s what I was alluding to :wink:


Ambient Room Noise vol. 23:

“The kids over at sample labz have done it again! This time they broke into YOUR HOME, set up tiny field recorders and sampled weeks of the gritty, lo-fit, central air-conditioning unit and the sound of your fingers typing on your laptop. That’s that fire, kid! Come and grab the ultra-high qualiy 33 bit. WAV full of white noise, your snoring and your dog barking…the same techniques the pros all use to to add that old school flava!”

(ADD TO CART): $139.99

Hah Cheap at twice the price. The sound of my own home ! when will I ever get the time to visit that exotic location