Overbridge 2.0.44

We have put together an updated version of Overbridge with some performance improvements and bug fixes, whilst we continue to work on providing compatibility for the new macOS, Big Sur.

Version 2.0.44 is now available to download here.


Perfect timing as I’m reconfiguring and rethinking my workflow with the addition of the OT.

so still no compatibility with big sur, or I’m not reading it correctly?

The work continues:


it begins/bojangles

OT is not compatible with OB just so you know …


What? I will have to sell my OT AE then. Anyone?


Just kidding. I’m aware that OT isn’t OB oriented (that Thing is to old). Thanks @mp.


It did sound suspicios … but hey, this is Elektronauts, so why not to say the obvious either way. Everyone was a newbie once, you too.


I didn’t want to sound cocky by any means, it’s just humor. I thought that thanking you would dispel any sort of cockiness.

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Did some quick tests. Powered up 5 OB Elektron devices, then opened Ableton Live, then opened an old Project and another one. Everything’s good for the moment, no crashes. Looks promising.


It’s a very reasonable question. My reading of their announcement left me wondering if it does indeed work with Big Sur now but that theyaren’t confident saying so yet and are still testing/developing…

To clear any confusion, the link in the title post will also get you a quick clarification:

Supported computer OS
• macOS 10.12, 10.13, 10.14 or 10.15 (latest update)


I’ve corrected the emphasis within the text to create less ambiguity, support for that OS is actively being worked on, but it is not yet complete. From what i have gleaned, there is a step change required with Big Sur, as opposed to a small evolution/tweak, due to the under the hood changes from Apple. I am therefore sure that when support is in place, the announcement will be very obvious, i wouldn’t imagine we are talking this side of 2021, but i could be mistaken.


I’ll trade you for my OT MKI AE (Airyck Edition) :wink:


Plus cash? Reverb price or legit price?

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Legit of course!


User of A4 et AR, I have done the mistake to up grade Mac OS on Big Sur. I haven’t read the compatibility pb before. I am little despress lol.
Do you have an idea how long the pb will be there ? Any idea to fix it temporarly ?
I would line to know if it’s some days, some weeks or some months. In order to organize my workflow
Thank you

Should be solved in 2045 (2.0.45). :pl:

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Great, thank you

the minimum is weeks, possibly months - there will be no announced prediction, so nobody knows - those testing this may have a gut feel for how close it is likely to be to stable, but it won’t be announced until it is released