Overbridge: AK registered as AH

I just bought an AK, and have an issue with Overbridge. If I open it up independently it seems to work fine. It’s registered as Analog Keys, and the “bars” are moving when I play. But when I open it in my DAW (Garageband), it’s registered as Analog Heat (which I don’t have).

Anybody know how that could be, and how I could open the AK-overbridge instead of the AH in the DAW?


I can add that I tried to temporarily delete the Analog Heat .vst + .component-files from the plug-in folder, but that just resulted in the DAW not finding any plug-in from Elektron…

You don’t open ‘it’ / over bridge as such in a DAW you open an over bridge enabled plugin pertinent to the device you connect

I don’t have an AK, yet I am able to open an Elektron Analog Keys plugin, it won’t do me any good … so I don’t quite know how you come to arrive at the Heat Plugin, unless you’ve chosen to load it

I’ve no idea about Garage band (which I thought was Logic less the plugins anyway) or Heat for that matter, but assuming you can launch plugins in Garageband then perhaps revisit how and what you launch

Maybe Garageband does not permit loading of VST instruments (as opposed to Processors/FX) - it’s certainly not meant to be as flexible as Logic

There are a few threads on free VST hosts if you want to explore the plugin before perhaps changing your DAW if you need to

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The way I do it is to go to a track and “add” a plug-in, like this:

That’s how I’ve done it with other plug-ins. But I’m new to recording, so there might be another better way… I’ll do some research into this “free VST host”-thing!


So… I solved the problem… and it’s a bit embarrassing, but I’m new to this, so… The problem was that I didn’t record on a midi-track :flushed: :dizzy_face:

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