Overbridge + Analog Four/Rytm + Windows 10 = fail?

Analog Four/Rytm doesn’t seem to play well with Overbridge on Windows 10. On Digitakt, trigging a track simultaneously selects the tab corresponding to that track, and it shows the corresponding sample playing in real time. Neither of these things happens either on Analog Four or Analog Rytm. Moreover, the LFO display doesn’t show the current state on Analog Four/Rytm as it does on Digitakt. Other things do work, such as adjusting parameters on the Analog Rytm and seeing corresponding adjustments on the Windows display, (and vice versa).

Are other people having the same problem? Any idea what might be causing it? I’ve filed a trouble ticket but no response yet.

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Bump, having the same weird behaviour

I conversed with Elektron recently and they told me that they’re working on it, but the problem turns out to be harder to solve than they expected, and will require modifications both to Overbridge and the device(s) firmware.

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Thank you for the info!