Overbridge, Analog Heat MkII and Presonus Studio One

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Can someone made Analog Heat MkII and Presonus Studio One 4.6 to work?

I am using the latest version of Overbridge

Overbridge recognized Analog Heat and I installed it as a plugin in an audio track. Then insert a MIDI (Instrument) Track to automate parameter. The thing is, It does not show up audio from the display on the Analog Heat plugin. It used to but It did not work because it was not compatible. Now it does not display anything.

So I try connecting a keyboard then to Analog Heat then to my audio interface and record the automation done on the midi channel. And also does not work this way. It display the audio coming on the unit itself but not in the plugin. And also the output form the unit does not display anything.

Hope someone can help me.

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I have the same problem… I can’t get any audio in to Heat whether it is a FX send, and Insert, or a bus track with an instrument passing audio to it.

The only way I can see Audio flowing into the AH is when there is recorded audio in the arranger and that is sent to the AH via either a send or insert.

I just can not get realtime instrument audio streaming into the AH.

If you put the AH on the Master bus as an insert… all Audio is lost…

There is some strange internal virtual wiring going on with Studio one and Overbridge.

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Did you try with Studio One 5 and AUX channel ?

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yes. and I think that’s the problem… AH wants to see a real audio track as supposed to the pseudo aux track