Overbridge and Octatrack

I guess it would be a shame to get hopes up for an OBOT and never have it materialise!

The verbage is different in the MK2 manual. But mostly referencing the MK2 as a continuation of the MK1 design.

I leave it to you to compare the two manual’s introductions as an educational exercise.

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the language is gone from MK2???

I believe the new foil hats are no longer tin, but cinefoil.
Now available in black.

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The question is - do they finally support USB midi like any device created after 2001 should? :smiley:



Classic @Elektron!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yep and golf clubs that can’t serve tennis balls. Who needs em anyway?
Or maybe they just weren’t designed to do so.


Overbridge does much more than just deliver audio streams. It’s central to whatever the machine does with ties even into the save/load subsystem (total recall). No way you “hack” that in.

As I laid out above: the changes would require much work IMHO not worth for a “simple” upgrade. The sales wouldn’t skyrocket just because of it (compared to the Digi or the Model:xxx series).

It makes much more sense to take these hours and design a new machine.


Imagine being able to record all 8 tracks from the OT onto the CF card and drop them into your DAW and add fx there!

Well, you don’t need to imagine, because it can be done using the track recorders* :wink:


Free memory permitting.


But you can hit a tennis ball with a golfclub if you want, the functionality is there.

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I said serve, not hit. Good luck with that.
I don’t think you’re interested in understanding the points about design that are being made, but only interested in making counter points for the sake of it. So I’m done.


I am interested in understanding the points about design.
All I’ve seen is that the original MK1 mentions not wanting to force someone to use a laptop, which has now disappeared from the manual. And the lack of midi over USB supposedly pointing to intentional lack of functionality as opposed to cost benefit analysis finding that implementing USB MIDI probably wouldn’t line up with the design philosophy of getting away from laptop.
Clearly that philosophy has changed at Elektron or they wouldn’t be going anywhere near OB. So I’m pondering the idea that perhaps now that OB has become such a big part of Elektron and a huge selling point, would they ever consider adopting it into their most famous product.

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Almost Overbridge : SPDIF and Workclock mod

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Their actual most selling devices (model:xxx series) are not OB compatible. So this tells a different story.


That’s nice to hear.

This is reading the tea leaves to prove your own desires for OT to have OB.

What’s more likely is that the manual was updated because the hardware was updated, and there was no sense in having a 7 year old paragraph that talked about the how the MD influenced the OT MK1 (you have to read the whole introduction in context), but update it with how the OTMK1 influenced the OTMK2.

Elektron has had plenty of opportunities to add computer connectivity to the device. But it was never intended to do so. Again, antithetical to the design.
It’s not like they don’t update it in other ways.

So let’s see some real arguments about how it’s designed that aren’t informed by your own desire to have OB on it so that you can buy it and hook it up to your computer. Do you have any of those?


That text is still there, it’s different in the mk2 manual, because they wanted to tell other stuff.
Mk2 only has a few more buttons and balanced inputs…

Yea, fair enough, though the cost-benefit of OB on something like that I guess just wasn’t there.
Though I’d say more people know of Octatrack than Model:XXX even though Models sold more, which is why I was saying “most famous” vs “most sold” - Anecdotally I know alot of musicians who have heard of OT but literally nothing else from elektron.

oh no, the word laptop has been removed! Therefore it must now be hooked up to the laptop. State law because I want it!

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