Overbridge and Octatrack

One of my biggest hurdles with the Octatrack is not being able to multitrack the 7 tracks (8=master) to a DAW. Yes you can bounce them out individually, but this kills any way of performing with all elements into the DAW simultaneously.

I have wondered whether in the future Elektron would release a MKii Octatrack with 8 outputs and convinced myself that if this did happen I would buy the unit straight up.

Overbridge potentially answers these problems if they can be implemented into the Octatrack.

I have made a shrine in the corner of my studio with offerings to the sound gods…

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It has been stated a few times that over bridge will NOT be available with octatrack.


Would be nice but it seems a no go… Maybe a mkII someday? One option to consider for multi tracking is that most performance parameters from the OT can be recorded in real time as MIDI CC to a DAW and played back to the Octatrack. In theory, you could record the MIDI performance of your jam and then play back and record one track at a time.

Must be late to this> Hadn’t seen any talk of Octatrack missing out. Shame.

In fact there isn’t ANY talk about the Octatrack. Do they care anymore, it’s all about analog those days :rage:

They did say they hadn’t forgotten the octa, but what that means as far as improvement’s is anyone guess.

Hopefully it means a better system for organizing files. I can grudgingly accept that they cannot implement digital multitracking or vst support due to hardware limitations, but improved organization for the older machines would give them some new life and should be possible via computer.

it really is a convoluted process and its something that makes it harder than it needs to be to use
initially they could have simplified the structure and still kept most of the functions
in 1 example imo, a part should have been incorporated in to a pattern, and if difficult, move some of the part function’s to a higher
yes more memory needed but far easier to work
but it is what it is, a very flexible machine that’s sometimes a big pita
lets just hope the “last” update is a biggy!

What do you mean by last update?

I’ve been speaking with Jon from elektron trying to get the file format as that’s the only reason rusty can’t release his editor - which would make the octatrack about 5 million times easier and a pretty good poor cousin to full overbridge implementation.
It’s gonna happen- when is the question.

I wonder if this will ever happen.
MK2 didn’t have OB as OP hoped, maybe a MK3?

Anyone have any thoughts on the likelyhood of an OB enabled OT.
Honestly it’s the single thing that’s holding me back from buying it.
Imagine having 8 stereo tracks via OB, being able to route stuff from your DAW through each track and effects etc (similar to how it works on RYTM)
Crazy stuff

No, no, never, no, won’t happen. It’s the antithesis of the OT’s design.

There may be a high-end sampler with Overbridge in Elektron’s future line-up, but it won’t be called Octatrack.


Can you explain how it’s the “antithesis” of the design?
Was it designed to get people away from using a laptop/desktop at its core?

I understand that avid fans like that you don’t need a computer to use it, but I’m not sure what you would lose by having OB?

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There is a bit of info about the design goals in the OT MK1 manual introduction, and yea computers are mentioned, as something to get away from.

We wanted to create a machine that would regard recorded material not as inflexible sounds, but rather as something highly malleable. This is one of the reasons why the Octatrack exists. The other one is because of the stage. The laptop computer has quickly established itself as a common instru- ment in live setups. It is a powerful and highly customizable tool, however, the multi functionality is at the same time a disadvantage. When it comes to audio related tasks a laptop is still a jack of all trades but mas- ter of none. The Octatrack on the other hand is designed to be a streamlined, reliable and straightforward machine allowing live performers to really add something extra to their sets. It can act as a backing track machine, a second turntable, a source of experimental soundscapes or simply as an instrument encourag- ing improvisation and fun.
These two reasons converge and form the ultimate raison d’être of the Octatrack: its capability to re-estab- lish sampling as an art form.

The fact that the USB implementation is for the CF reader only, and not even USB MIDI is another clue to its computer-less design intentions.


And this USB functionalities (USB audio/midi, Overbridge) cannot be simply retrofitted into the design without changing large parts of the hardware and the software.

Neither is there are connection between the USB chipset and the audio/midi part, nor are the CPUs (there are two of them) capable to provide the additional computing power necessary for these extra features.


Learning to use the Octatrack is difficult enough without trying to piss about with a laptop as well…


I love that the OT allows me to not even need a computer.
Somehow the two FX slots are just enough, and the compressor in the master track is usable enough that I rarely need any treatment afterward. Cue and input facilities make working with external effects somewhat flexible.

Of course it is more limited to not be able to stream all tracks to a computer, individually. That’d be great.
Like Peter, I see it as a different product entirely, not an Octatrack.



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I’m not suggesting retrofitting MK2 to support OB to be fair.
But even if we were -
USB Audio can be achieved by having the audio physical outputs (granted only 4 for now but I’m sure you could look at re-routing the digital tracks too) routed to a A/D converter and a USB chipset.
Parameter control much the same via MIDI. I mean this is hacky as fk but it’s not impossible, especially if you have access to the actual schematics etc that elektron would have.

I’m more keen to figure out if OB would ever be a thing.

I love that the OT allows me to not even need a computer.

I’m not suggesting OB as a requirement, much the same as you don’t need it for any other elektron product. But as an upgrade, OB would clearly benefit a lot of people who would want the workflow of OT but the ability to plug in a USB cable and have full 8 track multitracking, total recall, sample transfer etc.

It’s honestly surprising there’s people who are against it, no one would be forcing you to use a laptop :stuck_out_tongue:
but I guess there’s that saying “octatrack users will never be happy” lol

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I don’t think that anyone here is against it, just reading the likelihood of it happening, and saying “no, not likely”

As I and others have said, it strays from the design goals and perhaps becomes a new, different product at that time.


Also - was overbridge even a consideration when OT was first released?
Has the language been removed from the MK2 manual since OB has now had so much investment and perhaps elektron has caught on to the idea that having a hybrid setup can be amazing?