Overbridge and Pro Tools VST setup? *Solved*

Hi there.

I’ve set up the AR and A4 in pro tools so that audio is being received on each of their track. That’s fine. I’m a bit puzzled now as to how to get a track to host the Overbridge GUI/vst… for automation and stuff. Maybe it does not work in the same way as it does in ableton, so perhaps I’m going about it the wrong way.

I cannot see an AR or A4 instrument in the pull down menu when I’m adding inserts to a new track.

Don’t see any guidelines online. Any help here would be great:)


No Pro Tools support for OB just yet.

I use the Blue Cat’s Patchwork (such a fu$%&n brilliant plugin!) workaround, and it works fine :wink:

Cheers for the tip… i’ll check it out!


Keep in mind that with that trick the sync is less affordable than using MIDI

Or almost on my system

You recommended Blue Cat’s ‘Patchwork’, but will any program that interfaces VSTs for use in Pro Tools work?

I see a few free ones available;)

I didn’t try other plugs…

Gotcha. Thanks again for your help alex:)

Hi there,
I try to work with AR into Protools 12 via blue cat’s patchwork.
The machine sequencer in overbridge is in “song position”.
I created a stereo instrument track sending to a stereo AR bus and a aux track with incoming audio from the AR bus.
I can hear the sound from the AR master track but i don’t understand how do you set up for individual audio tracks from AR in protools.
Any help ?

Unless you solve this problem for Pro Tools, I have not interest. Come on guys, it can’t be that difficult if you wish to increase sales!

Still not supporting Pro Tools? How is the most popular DAW left out of the list?


Hi Bastien, at this moment I’m at the same point.

I can hear the sound from the AR master but I don’t know how I must set up for individual tracks from AR in protools.

Did you solve it and could you help me?

Best regards


Hello, I am curious as to the present status of Overbridge/ProTools.

Specifically with the Digitakt in my case.

Thank you,

Anyone have any success at all getting overbridge and Pro Tools to communicate? Was hoping the new overbridge update that drops today would make a difference but alas, it does not.
Seriously has anyone gotten this to work? I’ve troubleshat to my wit’s end and am starting to think it just flat out is f***ing impossible!


seems liek theres 2 issues here:

  1. the GUI and the control it affords (via VST)… I wish i could make this work and will try more later. I haven’t tried the workarounds yet but don’t have time rn. It works immediately in REAPER though so will do that for now.

  2. getting the inputs to work.

I just tried this for the first time with my DIGITAKT and had zero issues with incoming audio in PT. I just tweaked my IO settings after setting PT playback engine to be the digitakt.

They show up as 12 “input” form the Digi and layout as follows:
1: Digi Mix Out L
2: Digi Mix Out R
3: Digi Kick out Direct Out
4: Digi Snare out Direct Out
5: " TOM "
6: " CLAP "
7: " COWBELL "
9: " OPEN HAT "
10: " CYMBAL "
11: Digi Input Left Direct OUT
12: Digi Input Right Direct OUT

“he said, several years later…”