Overbridge and Reaper

Hello! I’d like some help. I’m trying to use Digitakt and Digitone with Reaper connected by Overbridge. My D’s are up to date and I can successfully connect the boxes and see their tracks running in the overbridge control panel. However, although I can see their tracks running in the control panel I cannot hear any sound. I am using a Soundcraft MTK12 as an audio interface. In my windows settings I have the mixer selected as my sound card. I do not see microphone input from the D’s overbridge connection. When I select the digitakt I don’t see “microphone input” either, but when I select the digitone I do see input. However, now I can’t hear the input because I have a different sound card selected and so I hear no output. I change back to the Soundcraft as my sound card and I have sound again from my computer, but not the D’s.

Next I try creating a new project in Reaper. I add digitakt and digitone vsts and have my soundcraft selected as my asio device. I can still see tracks being active while a sequence is running by looking at the overbridge control panel. However, I can not see any activity in reaper. The meters are blank, lights out. I go back into the audio device setting and select digitakt; no lights, no input. I select digitone in the settings and suddenly I have input coming from both devices registering on the meters, the individual tracks show activity, master track level looks good, all set… except no sound because I have digitone selected as my asio driver instead of my mixer. I have tried a combination of sound card settings in windows and reaper and have gotten no sound. In order to get input I have to have digitone selected (I don’t know why digitakt doesn’t work the same, only selecting digitone as sound card shows input), but then I have no output because my audio interface/mixer isn’t selected as the sound card anymore.

If it helps my digitakt is master and digitone is midi slaved. Everything works fine starting and stopping and muting the digitone with the digitakt, that connecting is good. The one weird thing I noticed was that after messing with a bunch of computer sound card settings the digitone stopped listening to the digitakt even though I hadn’t touched them. What I mean is that the midi settings were checked to be the same, bit the tempo didn’t change between them, start and stop was no longer linked, but they still showed a connecting to overbridge and tracks lit up when they were supposed to, just no sound.

Can you help me get sound out of my speakers? :slight_smile:

Tl;dr: Reaper is running on windows, the soundcraft mtk12 is my soundcard/interface/mixer, which works well for me all other times. Digitakt is controlling digitone and both show a connection in Overbridge control panel, but I have no sound output. Reaper makes me select digitone as the soundcard in order to get the input from the digis, but then I have no sound.

A follow up incase my problem is unclear:

The default vst templates add all the tracks and they register signal when a digi is selected as the ASIO device. What I’m trying to do is use the digis to record and play through reaper, but have the sound produced through my mixer mains (mixer is my normal ASIO device). I think the problem is with ASIO driver selection. In reaper preferences>audio>device I can choose Soundcraft as my device, as usual, and route the audio ins to tracks and have tracks from reaper play back through the mixer (when sound is input from the mixer, not overbridge), no problem. When I have the mixer selected as my ASIO device and press play the digis do not start, no audio is produced, no signal is registered on the track meters. When I switch the ASIO device to digitakt (or digitone) I get signal registering on the track meters, but now I don’t have audio out to my mixer. I can take the digitakt main outs and run them into the mixer, and I’ll hear both the digitakt and digitone, even though the digitone stereo output isn’t plugged in to the digitakt stereo input (1/4" pair). This tells me that overbridge is handling the audio from digitone and combining it with digitakt, then sending both of their signals out of the digitakt main outs. This tells me that everything is in fact able to talk to everything else. What I want to do is have both digis output sound, but only through their usb connection, and while having my mixer selected as my ASIO device so I can hear everything.

I could plug the digis into the mixer to hear their output while having one selected as the ASIO device in reaper, but then I only hear the total reaper output through the digi stereo outs. That’s fine I guess, but it takes up two inputs on my mixer. My mixer is a usb audio interface as well, so I’m hoping that all the digi info can be sent over usb and not need to use the 1/4" outputs. Also, if I just use the digi outs for the audio then I can’t use the other inputs on my mixer to record into reaper since the mixer won’t be selected as the ASIO device. Does all this make sense? I’d like the digis to do their thing and have the audio from them sent over usb to my usb audio interface mixer so I can have all of the mixers inputs as well as the digi’s multiple tracks on the same project and hear them all at the same time.

I have the same setup. If you use DT + DN in OB mode the actual physical output is muted.
You can decide which track you want to be sent to Reaper.
I don´t know how familiar you are with the routing insiede Reaper, this may cause your problems.
Digitakt sends 10 stereo audio streams to Reaper. It behaves like a VSTi in this mode.
You have 8 tracks, the master (which contains the FX in this setup) and the input.
Don´t use the Takt or the Tone as audio interface.
OB (for the DT) provides 10 stereo outs to Reaper which you have to route properly to make it sound in the intended way.
Once you have done this, save it as a track template.

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Yes, excellent. Maybe the routing is what I need to set up. I can add the DT and DN as you describe, so all the tracks are added when I add each VST. My asio audio device is my mixer/usb interface. How do I route the tracks to get sound coming out? Thank you :slight_smile:

Same problems here…

I use my soundcard asio driver. When I put digitakt vst, reaper asks me if I want to make the aux send connections, so I say yes. I can now record digitakt, even if the start of the pattern sounds glitchy.

I add digitone the same way, I can monitor all tracks perfectly but if I press record, (several digitakt and digitone tracks) it only records digitakt tracks. Digitone tracks remain silent while I can see it’s monitored… weird??

Hey all, posting a question here instead of starting a new topic. I have the latest version of OB installed and running the latest version of Reaper, running on Windows 10.

My problem is that Reaper won’t open or even recognize the OB plugins. I have the OB plugins added to my VST cache in Reaper and when I rescan the cache I can see Reaper adding/recognizing the plugins, but they don’t show up in my plugin list and won’t open if I try to drag and drop them onto a track. Reaper will recognize my AR as an audio device but then I can’t use my interface.

Anyone have any suggestions to get these plugins working?

If they’re not in your plugin list, how do you choose to drag and drop them?

Have you chosen “All Plugins” list from which to browse your plugins and it’s definitely not there? Try filtering “analog rytm”

I should have clarified, the plug in won’t launch even when I’m dragging the plugin file from my file explorer into Reaper. No amount of filtering shows the plug in even though when I rescanned my plugin cache I saw that Reaper recognized them (i.e. listed them individually in it’s progress bar).

Not really sure what to do, feel like it’s gotta be something small and stupid…