Overbridge as backup

Hey guys, I was hoping for a little advice.

Ive been using c6 to copy a project between an AR2 that I’m returning (technical issues) and its replacement unit.

After successfully dealing with some sample / sound pool issues, i got things up and running on the new unit. Then for each unit I recorded my project into Logic as audio so I could compare them.

Unfortunately many of the patterns sound different between units. Subtle pitch variations, stereo imaging variations, and transient variations.

Im still getting to the bottom of it, but i was wondering if overbridge and its recall functionality would help me?

Can i save all the project settings to overbridge and copy them to a new unit somehow?


I think you’re probably hearing the subtle differences between two analog units that are on the exact same settings, if the C6 backup and restore was completely succesful.

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Hmm. Its not that subtle though. VCA synth stabs about 50 cents (half semitone) flat, noise generator high hats leaning towards the left when on the other unit they’re leaning towards the right.

I ran the calibrations, but one unit wasn’t warmed up for 2 hours like it says in the manual. Doing this now.

Hi R3k,

What were the results?

I’m not sure how to check if your sysex backup is corrupted or not. If you have another MIDI interface, you could give that a try. Some MIDI interfaces have trouble to transmit everything flawlessly.

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I performed calibration on both units, updated firmware on the new one, re saved the sysex and copied it over to the new unit again. I visually compared settings on both units and they are the same.

Both units now have the same imaging and levels it seems.

The tuning continues to be an issue however. It quite a bit of a difference to me, not enough that you can compensate using the tune parameter, but enough for things to sound weird, and also enough to trigger my trigger my outboard compressor / distortion unit in a different way, so some transients come through differently and some things are more distorted than before.

I’m actually returning the original unit due to other problems, perhaps the issue is linked.

I will actually come into possession of a third unit soon, haha, it’ll be interesting to see how the pitches are on that one compared to the other two. I will report on this.

On your thoughts regarding MIDI interface- mine is an RME 802 so should be pretty to spec and solid.